Study tour to Japan

In October Nichino Europe hosted three of its customers and their guests from France, Italy and Spain at the research centre of its parent company Nihon Nohyaku in Osaka.

Beside presentations on the use of Pyraflufen-ethyl for e.g. desiccation of potatoes, the visit included a tour of the research centre. The guests were shown pot trials highlighting the efficacy of Pyraflufen-ethyl on target weeds and vine suckers. Another stop was the NARO government research centre looking at novel ways of crop irrigation and Japanese crop production. The agenda also included a visit to the table grape and wine growing area of Koshu-Shi -Katsunumach.

There was also some time to explore a few of Japans national treasures such as the Buddhist temples at Nara near Osaka.

Overall it was an excellent and informative study tour, which centred around the use of Pyraflufen-ethyl, emphasising the main targets and crops, where it can be used to Nichino Europe’s partners and their customers.