BE – Art. 43 for Pyraflufen

Belgium 5th October 2021 - Nichino Europe are pleased to announce that a new derogation has been given for Pyraflufen-Ethyl for use on weed control on pome fruits.

The new derogation applies to 3 products Gozai, Kabuki and Ramox.

These products are supplied to the market by Belchim Crop Protection.   

The derogation received yesterday is valid from 04/08/2021 until 02/02/2022.

IT - Revolution registered

A new product for the Italian market: Nichino Europe have received the registration for this new Pyraflufen-Ethyl based product which is being introduced to the Italian market by Sipcam Italy.

The product will be sold into the market for the first time late 2021 and into 2022.

PL – “Moncut na Sucho” registered


We have received notification of the registration of Flutolanil 6% Powder product in Poland for control of Rhizoctonia in seed potatoes.

The product will be sold under the trade name “Moncut na Sucho” by Belchim Crop Protection.

Application rate is 2 kg per tonne of seed potatoes.

LUX - FLIM® registered

Another new product registration comes to the market for Luxembourg.

Registration of FLIM® Flutolanil/Imazalil seed treatment for potatoes has been received in Luxembourg in August.

The product will be available for spring 2022 and is marketed by Belchim Crop Protection.