Malta - Mizuki registered

Another registration of Mizuki was recently granted in Malta. The product can be used as a desiccant, herbicide or for the control of suckers and side shoots.

Our partner Martin Grima Ltd. is marketing Mizuki.


UK - registration of Blackbird

Nichino Europe can announce that a new registration for Pyraflufen-ethyl (42 g/l SC) has been achieved in the UK for the autumn weed control market in cereals.

Our partner Sipcam UK will be launching Blackbird.


Netherlands - FLIM registered

We are pleased to announce that the authorisation of FLIM (308 g/l Flutolanil + 38.5 g/l Imazalil) was recently granted in the Netherlands.

Spain - Mizuki registered

We have received the registration for Mizuki in Spain.

Mizuki will be marketed by Sipcam Iberia.

Greece - Mizuki registered

We at Nichino Europe are pleased to announce we have received the registration for Mizuki (Pyraflufen-Ethyl) in Greece.

BE - Art. 53 for Pyraflufen in pome fruits

Belgium recently received a derogation for Kabuki/Gozai/Ramox for weed control use on pome fruits.

Time of application is valid from 01. July to 28. October 2022.