Spain - Flash UM received label extention


Nichino Europe is pleased to announce that the active Fenpyroximate (being sold as Flash UM by Sipcam Iberia) has received a label extension from the Ministry of Agriculture in Spain.

This label extension is for use in hazelnut, chestnut, pecan, stone pine and pistachio for control of red spider, yellow spider and Empoasca.

Belgium - Derogation for Pyraflufen-Ethyl for weed control in pome fruits


Nichino Europe are pleased to announce that they have received news of a derogation for the use of Pyraflufen-Ethyl for weed control in pome fruits in Belgium.

The derogation period is from 01/10/2020 to 29/01/2021:

-        1 to 2 applications at 0,8 l/ha, 21 days interval, applied with esterified rapeseed oil


Available brands are Gozai/Kabuki/Ramox supplied by Belchim Crop Protection.


Derogation for Mizuki in Greece

The Greek authority has given a derogation for Mizuki (active ingredient: Pyraflufen-ethyl) for potato desiccation.

Derogation period: 29. July to 26. November

Mizuki will be supplied by Sipcam Hellas.