Derogation for Mizuki in Greece

The Greek authority has given a derogation for Mizuki (active ingredient: Pyraflufen-ethyl) for potato desiccation.

Derogation period: 29. July to 26. November

Mizuki will be supplied by Sipcam Hellas.

Derogation for Gozai in Sweden and Denmark

Emergency derogations for Gozai (Pyraflufen-ethyl) have been granted in Denmark by the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Food and in Sweden by the Swedish ministry body KEMI.
Both can be used in potato desiccation for this season. The product will be supplied by Nordisk Alkali in both countries.

COVID-19 update

We are pleased to confirm Nichino Europe has stayed open throughout and are continuing to work as normal.
All our orders and deliveries have been fulfilled through the current virus outbreak in Europe.
We are grateful to all our partners for their continued support and understanding during these difficult times and hope everyone can stay safe and healthy.