Hungary - Derogation for Ortus 5SC

A derogation has been granted for Fenpyroximate, sold as Ortus 5SC for the control of mites in both green bean and soybean.

Timing of this Art 53 derogation allows the use of the product in these crops from 1st June to 28th September.

The product is distributed in Hungary by SumiAgro Hungary Ltd.

Hungary - Art. 53 for Hikari

We are pleased to announce that our partners SumiAgro Hungary recently received a further derogation for Kabuki (Pyraflufen-ethyl), sold as “Hikari” (Kabuki + Toil) for use as desiccant in oilseed rape.

This Art. 53 derogation is valid from 27th May - 31st August 2021.

Switzerland- Applaud SC registered

We are pleased to announce that our distribution partners in Switzerland -Omya AG- have received notification that Applaud SC (250 g/l Buprofezin) has now been registered for use on indoor ornamentals. Target is whitefly.

Finland - derogation for Gozai

We are happy to announce, that Pyraflufen-ethyl-containing product “Gozai” just received a derogation in Finland.

The Art. 53 is granted for potato desiccation with applications allowed between 01.07.2021 - 15.10.2021 and for runner control on strawberries with applications allowed between 01.06.2021 - 28.09.2021.

Gozai is marketed by our partner Nordisk Alkali.