Kabuki - Derogation for sunflower desiccation in Hungary

Hungarian authorities have approved a derogation for the use of Kabuki for desiccation of sunflower in Hungary for max. 50.000 ha.
Derogation is valid from 15. July until 30. September.

The product is being supported and supplied by SumiAgro Hungary.

Quickdown - Germany

A new derogation for Quickdown in Germany for sucker control in all grape varieties has been granted in April.
DLR Rheinland-Pfalz was responsible for applying for the submission. The reason for this application was, that due to COVID-19, winegrowers were worried, that foreign seasonal workers wouldn`t be able to do come to Germany to carry out this important work on the crop. 
This special derogation has been approved for 8.000 ha.

Flash UM - LEX to new minor pests in Spain

Following interest of some regional authorities, Sipcam Iberia has obtained authorization on new minor pests on crops already registered: Empoasca sp. in peach and nectarine as well as eriophyids in vines.